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-Get a good night sleep the night before your tattoo appointment. VERY IMPORTANT!

-Have a big meal prior to your appointment.

-Drink plenty of water and bring your favorite sugary snack the day of your appointment. For larger sessions, bring food for when you take breaks.

-Wear/bring comfortable clothes. Also, keep in mind where the location of the tattoo will be. Get comfortable! Bring headphones, phone charger, a book and anything that will make you feel at ease.

-If you have a lot of hair in the area that you're getting tattooed, trimming or shaving is always appreciated. Especially if you feel more comfortable doing it yourself! IMPORTANT: if you shave for for us, do it the morning of your appointment!

-A week before your appointment, lotion the area 2-3 times a day with a non-scented, moisturizing lotion.

-When it comes the designing of your tattoo, take your artist's advice. They are the experts and give the best recommendations for a fantastic and original piece!

Before Tattoo Appointment

-DO NOT take drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of your tattoo appointment. 

-DO NOT come to your appointment if you feel like you are getting sick or if you are already sick. We can always reschedule for another day. Being sick does not disqualify your deposit.

-DO NOT come in with a sunburn/peeling skin. We cannot tattoo injured skin.

Please notify and reschedule.

-DO NOT bring large groups of people. There's a chance our other artists are tattooing so there isn't a lot of space at our stations. You can bring 1-2 max for moral support!

-DO NOT come in without eating before your tattoo.

-DO NOT book a day if you know you'll be short on time and will be in a rush. Tattoos take time and precision.

-PLEASE understand that we do not negotiate pricing, so please plan accordingly for your appointment.

Things Not to Do

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