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We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to practice proper aftercare with your new tattoo so that it heals well and looks its best! The following is our professional recommendation on how to care for your fresh artwork. (If using Saniderm, scroll down!)


Leave the bandage on for 2 hours, then wash your hands and carefully remove the bandage. Keep in mind throughout this process that patience and gentleness are key when healing your new tattoo!


Using your fingertips, gently wash the tattoo with COOL water and mild antibacterial soap, such as SoftSoap or Dial. (Do not use bar soap because it is prone to cross-contamination.) Then, pat it dry with a clean, dry paper towel or let it air dry.


EVERY WASH: Use cool to warm water and antibacterial soap. Light massage and wash away dried blood, lymphatic fluid and excess ointment. Rinse with cold water to help close up your pores. Lastly, pat dry with a paper towel or let air dry.

ALWAYS wash your hands before washing your tattoos! Do not start your lotioning regimen until 2-3 days after getting tattooed. During the first couple days, a scab may form over your new tattoo; this is a natural part of the healing process. Carefully apply a thin layer of either Fragrance-free Lubriderm Lotion or Aquaphor Ointment 3-4 times daily. THIN LAYERS each time you moisturize. Do this until all flaking, peeling, and scabbing has naturally sloughed off. This process usually takes approximately 2-3 weeks. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your healing tattoo, please contact your artist or your trusted physician.

KEEP YOUR TATTOO CLEAN Wear clean clothes and new bedding while your tattoo is healing. To keep your tattoo looking its best, continue to moisturize a few times a week after it has healed.


  • DO NOT pick at or itch your healing tattoo. Let the scabs slough naturally; they will fall off on their own when they’re ready.

  • DO NOT expose your healing tattoo to direct sunlight. Once healed, sunscreen will help prolong the life of your tattoo. Sun exposure is likely to accelerate fading, even in a healed tattoo.

  • DO NOT use anything abrasive over your fresh tattoo, such as a washcloth or loofah, while it is healing.

  • DO NOT wear tight clothing that can rub against your tattoo until all the scabs are off.

  • DO NOT swim or submerge your healing tattoo in pools, baths, lakes/rivers, etc. This can damage scabbing and potentially cause infection. 

Contact your artist if you need a touch up! Touch ups are free for the first six months otherwise we have to charge our $60 minimum.


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Tattoo Application and Aftercare with Saniderm

Cut and trim Saniderm to fit around the tattoo – include an extra inch around all sides.

Peel the white paper wrapping from the sticky side first and place gently over the tattoo.

Once the adhesive side of the bandage is in place, remove the see-through second layer from the top side and smooth the bandage over the tattoo.

Leave on the Saniderm for 3-24 hours depending on how much the tattoo is leaking plasma. REPLACE BANDAGE AFTER 24 HOURS

-Plasma/blood/lymph fluid buildup under the bandage is normal

Removal of Bandage

To remove bandage, find an edge of the bandage and pull back over itself in the direction of hair growth. Removing it in the shower is the ideal place. Dry removal may cause discomfort and added trauma to the skin. Discard the used bandage and wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap. Allow the tattoo to air dry or pat down with a paper towel.

Reapplication of 2nd Bandage 

Apply a second bandage by following the application steps above. A second bandage can be worn for up to 3-5 days.

Do not wear the bandage for more than 7 days.

If you have any questions regarding your tattoo healing, please contact your artist or trusted physician!


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